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Africa River Cruise & Safari with AMA Waterways review

Highlights of Our “Africa River Cruise & Safari” with AMA Waterways

Here is our recap of our Africa River Cruise & Safari with AMA Waterways… it truly was a trip of a lifetime!

The way we were treated, the top rated accommodations we had… not to mention the incredible experiences we had on our water & land safaris seeing the “Big Five”… was all truly out of this world!!!

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Rhine Gorge AMA waterways river cruise

Our Review Of Our “Rhine” River Cruise through Netherlands, Germany & France

Our 9th River Cruise was on the popular Rhine River. Now we know why people love this River Cruise itinerary- it is truly stunning!!

Our experience in the region was incredible and the views we had from the ship as we sailed were phenomenal… Seriously. 🙂

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Bamberg Germany Town Hall on a river cruise tour

Highlights from our Main & Mosel River Cruise in Germany

Here is a day to day description of our Main and Mosel River Cruise in Germany that we recently did… it was an incredible trip!

The sights were beautiful, the food was yummy, the port stops and scenes from the river cruise were extraordinary!

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Horse Carriage ride Myanmar river cruise with AMA waterways

Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)… Put It On Your River Cruise Bucket List!

We visited the city of Bagan during our Myanmar River Cruise which is one of the most stunning Archaeological Cities in the world!

With over 2,200 Temples and Pagodas still standing, Bagan is a must see from horse carriage, the Watch Tower & hot air balloon.

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What To Expect During Your AMA Waterways River Cruise

Recently we took a River Cruise with AMA Waterways on the scenic Irrawaddy River in Myanmar (Burma) for two weeks.

Our last post was a review of the itinerary and what we saw there but this one is about our experience being guests onboard the AmaPura ship with AMA Waterways.

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Myanmar U-Bein

Our Experience During Our Myanmar River Cruise!

In late November/early December, 2014 AMA Waterways completed their 1st ever River Cruise in the Country of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) on the Irrawaddy River…

…and we were privileged to take this 2 week Journey with them as they explored this unspoiled land.

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