Why Book Your Cruise With Nancy & Shawn Power?

Nancy & Shawn.

“The Excitement of a great price is Instantly Forgotten

when the consumer experiences

the Bitterness of a badly planned vacation!”


Are you just starting or are in the middle of researching your Cruise Vacation?

Before you spend anymore of your valuable time doing so and before putting your hard earned money on the line to book your Cruise, be sure to take a few minutes & read these key points which can help you avoid costly mistakes and will virtually ensure you have a great Cruise Vacation!!

1. Better Deals! Many people assume when booking a Cruise through Cruise Consultants like Nancy & Shawn, they’ll pay more then buying “Direct” through the Cruiseline. This is a FALSE presumption! Fact is, you’ll NEVER pay a dime more with Nancy & Shawn then directly with a Cruiseline! Just like how Walmart and Costco get better deals from their suppliers for your groceries & toiletries, so do the Travel Agencies who sell millions of dollars of cruises per year- so it’s to your ADVANTAGE to buy through a reputable agent for the better deals and perks

The TRUTH: The worst you’ll ever do by booking with Nancy & Shawn is pay the same you would directly with the cruiseline BUT you’ll still get “extras” like personal service & unbiased advice.

wasting hours looking for the right cruise.2. Saving Precious Time!
One common complaint Nancy & Shawn hear often from potential clients is how much time it takes to research the right Cruise for them and to “shop” around for the best price. Stats are, people spend dozens of hours surfing around the Internet trying to figure it all out.

Most people would never do this when it comes to their Health, Legal Issues, Car issues, etc. (they’d simply see their Doctor, Lawyer, Mechanic, etc.) and it remains to be seen why so many people will do this with Travel… acting like Travel Agents?

BEST ADVICE: If you value your time and seem to have less & less of it these days (a common complaint) then use Nancy & Shawn’s experience. It would take you YEARS to know what they know about Cruising. After getting to know you and your needs for a few minutes they’ll be able to narrow down your choices and help you find the best “Value” Cruise for you… and we all know there’s a difference between “Best Value” and “lowest price”… do you really want your Dream Vacation to be decided by what price looked best and have your trip ruined because one Cruise was a little cheaper then another… as always in life you get what you pay for.

Fact is, there are dozens of choices when Cruising (Alaska alone has over 100 Cruise Tour choices and in Europe there are over 3 dozen different itineraries & River Cruises are another World all together) so save your time, the headaches and let Professionals like Nancy & Shawn do the “figuring it all out” for you!

3. Personal Attention! We all dislike calling a bank or utility company to be put on hold after unsuccessfully talking to an AUTOMATED Voice. And once you finally get a Live person it’s someone different every time and who knows where in the world they are and if they can communicate properly. There’s no need to go through those same frustrations when planning your Cruise… this should be (and will be) a pleasant experience. There’s an advantage to booking with Cruise Consultants such as Nancy & Shawn rather then buying directly with the Cruiseline or a faceless website. By booking with Nancy & Shawn you simply call them directly at 1-800-219-7477 (Toll Free) or email them at Info@NancyandShawnPower.com and you’ll ALWAYS deal with Nancy & Shawn personally.

The best way to make sure your Vacation plans go smooth, Cruise after Cruise, and to have your special occasions recognized, special needs met, etc. is to always deal with the same Cruise Expert… it’s as simple as that!

4. Knowledge When visiting your Doctor, Lawyer, or Mechanic, you expect them to KNOW what they’re talking about, right? Like any of those Professionals, Nancy & Shawn take their business (which they own & operate) VERY seriously and educate themselves constantly. (You can learn about Nancy’s & Shawn’s agency’s most recent award here: http://www.nancyandshawnpower.com/2015-american-express-pacesetter-award/)

Shawn Power's Travel Agent Awards

Being knowledgeable & highly dedicated has it’s “Awards” as Nancy & Shawn have found out during their time as Cruise Consultants… there’s Shawn checking out some of the Awards their agency has won! 🙂

CLIA's Elite Cruise Counsellor & Luxury Cruise Specialist LogosNancy & Shawn regularly take courses to be up to date with their trade and their Agency has achieved:

  • “Elite Cruise Counsellors” &
  • “Luxury Cruise Counsellors” status with Cruise Lines International Association and
  • Graduate status of all the Major River & Ocean Cruiseline’s Internal Education programs

More importantly, Nancy & Shawn have a ton of real-life cruising experience, having taken 54 Cruises to date. As well, they’ve inspected dozens of other ships on day “Travel Agent Inspection” tours.

Bottom line is, unlike calling a Cruiseline and talking to a low hourly paid employee who takes orders (many have never even cruised before) Nancy & Shawn don’t get paid to talk to potential clients and give price quotes… they only make money if you book your Cruise with them so they work extremely hard to educate themselves and keep up to date to serve you best and share everything they know to increase their chance of you booking with them.

Like with your Doctor, Lawyer, or Mechanic, it’s to your advantage to deal with someone who has years of education & real-life experience compared to someone getting their information from books & brochures & scripts prepared by the Big Corporations they work for.

It’s the little bits of knowledge that make the difference:

  1. knowing what an “Obstructed” Oceanview room is and where they are located… FYI, the brochures don’t tell the full story
  2. knowing the rooms where the 2 twin beds can’t push together for a Queen Bed? (Not very romantic for a couple excited for their getaway)
  3. knowing the best Room locations to be in on certain decks to avoid excessive noise, heat from the kitchen, vibrations from the engine, the kid’s play areas, etc?

Don’t risk your vacation to someone without the knowledge!


Celebrate that special occasion on your cruise5. Nancy & Shawn know how to Celebrate! It’s well known that many people cruise and travel to “celebrate” a special occasion or milestone such as a Birthday, Retirement, Anniversary, Honeymoon, etc.

After Cruising for their Honeymoon, for 5 of their first 6 Wedding Anniversaries and for several of their birthdays, plus they’ve helped countless others plan for similar Occasions, Nancy & Shawn can relate to how important your trip is and they can help make sure you have a memorable Vacation….

Have you heard of things like “Ultimate Balcony Dining”, Honeymoon/Anniversary/Special Occasion packages, etc.? Did you know you can renew your Vows at Sea or even propose onboard on the Big Screen?

Bottom line is Nancy & Shawn can show and give you tips on how to Celebrate and make the most of your Special time at Sea!

6. Nancy & Shawn know Groups
Another fact about the Cruising Industry is it’s very
common for people to travel together as a Group… there’s nothing better then
being at Sea/on a trip with those Family & Friends you’re closest to… you’ll reminisce back home about the great time you had for years to come!

The downside is, if a group is not properly organized by an experienced agent, it can become your worst nightmare!

A group can be as small as 4 people in 2 rooms or as big as dozens of rooms, either way, Nancy & Shawn have the experience and know how to help you out…

Three times now Nancy & Shawn have organized and escorted their own group Cruise with Family & Friends… around 20 people each time, twice to the Caribbean & once to China. And they’ve worked with dozens of groups over the years as Cruise Consultants.

Nancy & Shawn's past "Hosted Group Vacations".
Don’t let your Group Cruise turn into a Nightmare STATISTIC (this happens too often) by trying to arrange it yourself online or by working with an inexperienced agent… you want to make sure your rooms are together, you’re all eating together at the same table at the same time, you’re getting the maximum group benefits extended by the Cruiselines, etc.

When going with those you care about the most and spending such a big amount of money (especially those of you footing the bill for your entire Family rather then giving an inheritance, etc. which is very common these days) you want to make sure everything goes smoothly and Nancy & Shawn will be there to organize your Group Cruise every step of the way!

Real Reviews Like many of you, before Nancy & Shawn started working in the Industry as Cruise Consultants they used to think everything the Travel Industry magazines, websites and Sunday Travel editorials in the Paper said was total fact. The reviews had to be right!

One thing Nancy & Shawn realized when they first got involved in the Industry though, was that many times the people reviewing the cruise Ships were only on a Ship for a day Inspection for 3-4 hours or on a 2-3 night Inaugural Sailing for Agents & the Media where all the bells & whistles are out, the Cruiseline’s “Top Brass” are there and the Booze is flowing freely… as you can imagine, those reviews could be a little biased or at the least, “Clouded”! 🙂

Yes, Nancy & Shawn have done these events at times too but after taking 54 Cruises they can tell you what a Cruiseline/Ship is really like after spending 7-15 Nights onboard as a regular customer. Some of the highest rated Ships out there surprised them, after they sailed on them, as being the “rockiest” and least stable Ships at Sea or having some of the most boring Food Menus, etc.

Your Consultant’s knowledge of a ship after sailing on them compared to repeating what the Industry magazine “says” is the best can be completely different!…

…The magazine knowledge version is what most people get, because most people selling cruises unfortunately don’t get paid enough to take many cruises… if any.

8. You’re Already Paying For a Pro’s Advice
Most people don’t realize it but the cruiseline’s prices already include the services of Professional Cruise Consultants like Nancy & Shawn. If you talk to no one and book online or you book direct (with a low paid Cruiseline order taker) you’re losing out. You’re truly not getting what you paid for.

Travel and cruise advice is included!As mentioned under the “Better Deals” section above, there is NO discount for going direct to the Cruiseline and in may cases you’ll pay more… don’t disadvantage yourself & go direct, there’s no gain on your end at all.

Well, hopefully you received some value and learned a thing or two from reading “Why Book Your Cruise with Nancy & Shawn Power.”

Nancy & Shawn look forward to sharing their knowledge & passion for Cruising with you (from the start of your planning to the finish of your Cruise) to help you have an amazing Cruise Vacation!

You can reach them directly at 1-800-219-7477 (Toll-Free) or email them at Info@NancyandShawnPower.com.

Happy Cruising! 🙂