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Meet Nancy And Shawn Power

Meet Nancy & Shawn Power

Since becoming a couple, 16 years ago, Nancy & Shawn have taken over 120 getaways & vacations together, including 66 Cruises, and have visited 78 countries & counting.

On top of that, Nancy & Shawn have advised and sent over 5,000 people on Cruise Vacations… for over a decade now they have built an Award Winning Travel Agency, which they own & operate, that specializes in Cruises. (And recently they’ve added Tauck Land Tours to their Portfolio!)

Nancy & Shawn have co-authored the ebook, “STOP collecting “Stuff” and Start Creating Memories: 9 Great Reasons To Travel Now!”

The Cruise reviews, travel tips, ideas, advice, resources, etc. found on are based on years of “Real Life” experience.

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