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So, Where Is Your River Cruise Going To Go?

Our last blog post revisited a popular post of ours that talked about why River Cruising is such a great way to travel… this post revisits the follow up article that covers what destinations River Cruises go to & what companies you can do a River Cruise with.

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River Cruise on the Nile in Egypt

Where Can You Visit On A River Cruise?

In our last blog post we talked about why taking a River Cruise is one of the most popular Vacation options these days.

Today we share the amazing destinations you can visit while on a River Cruise and we tell you who the main River Cruise Lines are who will take you there.

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Nancy & Shawn Power sailing from Vancouver on their Wedding Day

Our Favorite Cruises

Every time we tell someone how much we have Cruised they always ask what Cruise has been our favorite.

As it is impossible to pick just one, today we cover our Top 9 Favorite Cruises.

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Picture of Nancy hanging with the kids at their school in China

Our Video Highlights from our Yangtze River Cruise in China

We truly hope you enjoyed our Blog Posts this week where we shared and reviewed our time in China during our Cruise on the Yangzte River and visiting some of Chinas most dramatic cities!

We figured some video clips to give you a more of a live feel would be a good way to end the week…

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The Great Wall of China in Beijing, China

Beijing, China… a great place to spend our final days of our Yangtze River Cruise!

During the final several days of our amazing Yangtze River Cruise and Land Tour in China we explored Beijing… Chinas Capital City.

What a great way to end our journey as there were a bunch more UNESCO sites and highlights to see.

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A picture of the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an, China

Visiting the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, China… a great day for Travel Lovers!

If you have been following our posts the last couple of days, you will know so far during our Yangtze River Cruise and Land Tour in China review we have talked about our time in Shanghai and sailing the beautiful Yangtze River…

…today we will be sharing what we experienced as we visited the historic Terracotta Warriors in ancient Xian.

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