We’re No Longer Selling The Travel Club… But You’ll Never Find Someone Better To Book Your Cruises!

If you’re on this page you would have been redirected here from an eBook or blog post of ours where we told you about the Travel Club we’re members of.

Although we’re still members & have gotten amazing value out of the Club over the years, we’ve chosen to not sell memberships to it anymore as independent affiliates due to recent, significant, price hikes that have caused the Membership, for new people, to lose all it’s value.

So, as you’ll see from our site’s title above, we’ve chosen to focus 100% on selling cruises which has always been our biggest travel passion.

After sailing on 62 Cruises ourselves (which you can see here) & Shawn having booked sailings for thousands of satisfied clients of ours (hear what they say here) it’s by far our favorite travel product & we would be thrilled to help you book your Future Cruises!

So contact Shawn today about your next Cruise or to learn more about how we can help you in that arena simply visit our About Us page.

Looking forward to working with you soon!

Nancy & Shawn Power
Your Trusted Cruise Experts!