Ever Dreamt Of Cruising The Panama Canal? You Should!

During the past week Shawn booked several “Panama Canal” Cruises for clients of his.

As Shawn works from his home office, Nancy heard bits & pieces of the conversations he was having about this beautiful destination.

Panama Canal Route vs Cape Horn Route

Panama Canal Route vs Cape Horn Route

Of course, that led to us having some great dinner chats this week, reflecting on our amazing experience we had during Christmas, 2010 as we Cruised for 15 Nights from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles through the “breath-taking” Panama Canal!

If you know us well, you’ll know we’ve Cruised a ton (#s 28 & 29 take place next month) and have seen some pretty spectacular parts of the World!

But there was something very special about cruising through the Panama Canal, once we learned the history of this amazing feat… especially the fact that it was able to
be completed long before the technologies of today came about… it started in the 1800s!!

Well, this time last year we wrote a detailed blog post about our Panama Canal experience and as the topic just came up again for us we figured what a great time to re-share it with you.

So whether you plan to Cruise the Panama Canal soon, want to learn more about it, love travel in general, have already been there & want to reminisce… whatever the case, check out ourPanama Canal Blog Posttoday.

And if you want to get a really good glimpse at what our 15 Night experience was like, check out our Videos & Pictures here.

Interested in experiencing your own “Panama Canal” Cruise… then contact Shawn & he’ll help you plan that perfect next Cruise Vacation.

We appreciate you!

Nancy & Shawn
Your Trusted Cruise Experts!

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