Visiting Copenhagen Before, After or During Your Cruise? Learn About This Great City Here.

Nyhavn District in Copenhagen

5 days ago we set off on a 12 Night Cruise around the “British Isles” to places in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales…

…for sure we’re having a great time so far and you can read all about it when we send out our next blog post in a few weeks.

Till then though we wanted to re-send out a previous blog post of ours that we wrote a while back about Copenhagen.

When we started this current Cruise that we’re on last Friday, we sailed from Copenhagen and had the chance to enjoy this city again for the 2nd time in several years and we enjoyed it as much as we did the 1st time we were there.

How about you? Have you ever been to Copenhagen?

If not, if you ever have the opportunity to sail to the Baltic Sea, Norway or the British Isles and Copenhagen is included in the trip, take it as we’re sure you’ll love this Scandinavian City too!!

So, “What’s there to see and do in Copenhagen” you ask?

Check out our “A look at some of the Best Tourist Attractions in Copenhagen” blog post to find out! 🙂

Happy Cruising!!

Nancy & Shawn
Your Trusted Cruise Experts!

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